Understandings of Home Water Quality & Personal Health in Aging

The University of New England Center for Excellence in Aging & Health (CEAH) is partnering with the MDI Biological Laboratory to learn how older adults in Maine (and elsewhere) understand common sources of home drinking water, potential contaminants, and associated health implications.

Adults, aged 55+ years, are invited to participate. View approved flyer: CLICK HERE

Maine's geology means that arsenic is common in home well water. Other contaminants may be present depending on where and how drinking water enters the home.

This survey explores knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes on these topics, as detailed in the consent form (which comes next after registration). Participants also have the option to participate in home drinking water testing if so interested.

Participation in this survey project is voluntary, and there is no penalty for non-participation. If you register and then do not complete the consent form, your name and contact information will be deleted.

Questions? Contact Dr. Tom Meuser, CEAH Director, at tmeuser@une.edu or 207-221-4140.

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